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Really useful bicycles

  • Juiced Bikes Cross Current (in stock) and Ocean Current (coming soon)

    We have a very small number of Juiced Bikes Cross Current models in stock and ready to go right now.

    In mid May we will have lots more arriving including the mixte frame in all colours and frame sizes. A very small number of the Hyper Extended Range 21ah capacity batteries will be available too.

    We will also have the Ocean Current arriving at the same time. Talk to us or come down to our East Brunswick store to test ride.

    CrossCurrent_1.1_-_Red_-_10.4Ah_-_Side_Right_high_rez_7b111d4c-36cb-46df-95ac-2bfc246924da_1024x1024 OceanCurrent_-_Army_Green_-_Right_-_Iso_1024x1024 OceanCurrent_-_Sea_Foam_-_Iso_Right_High_Rez_1024x1024

  • Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch available in Australia [SOON]

    It's been a long wait but the Bosch Mid-Drive Yuba Spicy Curry electric cargo bike will soon be available in Australia. Our dealers below will all have stock so if you contact Glow Worm Bicycles, Sydney Electric Bikes, and Omafiets in Sydney, South Beach Cycles in WA and Earthcycles in Brisbane you will be riding away on a Bosch powered Spicy Curry by Mid May 2017. Not to mention Cargocycles of course. Test ride inside the biggest cargo bike shop in the world! 170 Lygon Street East Brunswick 3057.

    The Spicy Curry is the evolution of many years of cutting edge cargo bike design and refinements and this is Yuba's first Bosch mid-drive powered bike. A full range of accessories will be available too.

    The best bits:

    • 20" rear wheel with high quality 10 speed drivetrain coupled with a 26" front wheel for optimum stabilty when loaded
    • Full range of accessories to haul any type of cargo from kids to adults to hard-rubbish finds
    • Bosch powered for ultimate reliability and fuss free power.

    More details soon but read the Electric Bike Review to learn more. It is very comprehensive so get a cuppa and sit back. Thanks EBR.


    SpicyCurryBosch_side_600x600 Spicy-Curry_Bosch_motor SpicyCurryBosch_Front_600x600 SpicyCurryBosch_Rear_600x600

  • SALE DONKY BIKE UTILITY VEHICLE $995 - In store only!

    ON SALE IN STORE ONLY: Check out this awesome custom Donky bike - for an amazing price!

    A cross between your favourite Tonka truck and a BMX, the Donky Cargo Bike is the tough, no frills cargo carrier. While it doesn't have the sleek thoroughbred looks of some bikes, it's more a hard-working pack-horse built for work and a sight cheaper than other cargo bikes out there.

    This Donky Bike is designed to be ridden easily and safely with whatever you need to take with you. Cargo load is carried on the frame, not the handlebars, so the steering and handling is light and balanced.



    • 3 speed Sturmey Archer maintenance-free hub gears & gear selector
    • 3 piece BMX crank
    • Super beefy BMX wheels
    • Easy to maintain powerful V brakes
    • Heavy duty racks
    • Pick up from East Brunswick only.
  • ZeitTrike and the MYOB library project


    Cargocycles recently supplied two ZeitTrike bikes to MYOB Headquarters for them to use in a new venture called the Little Learning Library.  The end result looks fantastic and their production team were really happy.

    Hi Matt,

    We’ve finally finished the bikes and had our first Little Learning Library launch. They look awesome!

    In fact, they look so cool a lot of people have been asking about the bikes! Of course I’ve been giving everyone your name so they can buy and convert their own bikes!

    Thanks for being so great to deal with.

    MYOB Australia Pty Ltd


  • [SOLD] Retro style Industrial Trike $599 In store sale only

    Industrial three-wheeled trike/rickshaw for your business – perfect for a creative in-store display or for moving stuff around indoors. Rear coaster brake only (back pedal) – not really safe or legal for street use but cool all the same! AND on sale!! Available in yellow or yellow.
    Very wide front racks dimensions: 1m wide (wider than a typical standard doorway)
    Call Cargocycles 03 9942 3450 – pick up from Collingwood shop only.



  • These bikes will change your life

    You may consider this a bold claim but we don't think so. If you commute on a bike you may have seen people travelling on bigger than average bicycles with loads on the front or back and wondered what they are. Well they are called cargo bikes and this article attempts to give you a rundown on what they are all about.

    Our aim at Cargocycles is to make people aware that there is an genuine alternative for short distance travel using a car. We are not car hating evangelists, just practical people who love bikes and hate sitting in traffic jams. We also love a bit of technology and many of the bikes we sell have electric power as an option. If you've never ridden an electric bike but the very idea seems like cheating, consider what it allows you to do. Headwinds disappear, 40kg worth of weekly shopping is hauled right from the supermarket front door to your front door with no more effort than a bit of light pedalling. An electric motor is like having an invisible fit person doing the work for you. It's just like driving in terms of effort if you want it to be so on the days you are tired you can make the motor work or if you feel like it turn off the motor while riding and pedal home yourself. There is no drag from most electric systems so think of it as an optional extra!

    If you can get rid of your car or even one of your cars and get a cargo bike, think of the financial savings you will make over a few years compared to car ownership. A cargo bike may be a bit more of an investment than a conventional bike but it is a lot more bike and they are still cheap compared to a high end carbon road bike for example.

    Cargo bikes are particularly useful over distances around 2km. You will get there faster than driving and if you have bike lanes near you it will be a lot more fun. You can take an adult on the back or three kids or one kid and the dog plus all your shopping.

    These bikes will change your life! See below for some options.

  • Useful Links

    Below are resources that we think are quite useful for anyone wanting to know more about cycling and sustainability. We are particularly fond of groups/websites that promote cycling as an alternative to car based travel. If you find any cycling sites that blow you away, let us know and we'll investigate!


    Australian Links

    Bike Law in Australia, useful links below.




    Bicycle Network Victoria

    Bicycle Network Victoria is a charity that promotes the health of the community. We work with our supporters to get “More People Cycling More Often” and measurably grow the bike riding world. BNV organises both the Ride2Work and Ride2School events each year.

    Yarra Bicycle Users Group 

    Yarra Bicycle Users Group is a community voluntary organisation located in the inner suburbs of Abbotsford, Alphington, Burnley, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Cremorne, Collingwood, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Princes Hill and Richmond. They also have a weekly radio show on 3CR.

    Melbourne Cyclist

    A site for cyclists in Melbourne, Australia to talk, share hints and tips and generally stay informed.

    Sydney Cyclist

    A site for cyclists in Sydney, Australia to talk, share hints and tips and generally stay informed.

    Adelaide Cyclists

    Do you love cycling and live in Adelaide? We are a community of more than 3000 cyclists - join us and share and connect with other cyclists.

    Moreland Energy Foundation Limited

    Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to sustainable energy. We undertake community engagement, do research, consult, provide professional development and advocate on energy efficiency, renewable energy and related policy and planning issues.


    International Links

    The Definitive Guide to Safer Cycling

     Sharing the Road Together: Drivers and Cyclists. UK based but still worth a read as it applies to Australia too.

    Sharing the road with drivers

    Another great article about sharing the road - drivers and cyclists.

    Europe and coffee

    Interesting article and inspiration for coffee and bicycle lovers if you are travelling to Europe.

    International Bicycle Fund

    A non-governmental, nonprofit, advocacy organization, providing information and resources promoting sustainable transport and international understanding to make this planet a healthier and happier place to live.

    Bicycle Safe

    This page shows you real ways you can get hit and real ways to avoid them. This is a far cry from normal bicycle safety guides, which usually tell you little more than to wear your helmet and to follow the law.  But consider this for a moment: Wearing a helmet will do absolutely nothing to prevent you from getting hit by a car.

    Yuba Bicycles

    Yuba advocate the use of bicycles as transportation through the design and manufacture of unique cargo bikes and accessories. As a byproduct, we transform lives, cultures, and reshape infrastructure. They are makers of the Boda Boda and Mundo that Cargocycles distribute.

    Joe Bike - Portland

    Welcome to Joe Bike, a full-service retail and repair shop that specializes in both utility bikes and the most advanced, most dependable, cleanest, most practical, and lowest-maintenance urban bikes available, many equipped with Gates Carbon Drive, the best internally geared and dynamo hubs, and hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes. We’re a neighborhood bike shop in Southeast Portland that happens to have built an international clientele.

    TreeHugger - Bikes

    Interesting bike articles from around the world. The entire Treehugger site is great to while away the hours too.

  • Boda-Boda V3 Lite – The lightest electric cargo bike on the planet?


    Boda-Zeit-LiteBoda-Zeit-Lite-display Boda-Zeit-Lite-motor

    Introducing the new Yuba Boda Boda V3 with our super light Zeit Lite electric kit fitted. Weighing in at a dainty 21.25kg with the electric kit ready to roll. You can carry it upstairs without giving yourself a hernia yet it will power you comfortably at 25kmh.

    The secret lies in the stealthy battery. Housed in a stainless steel drink bottle the battery has decent 6.2ah or 9.3ah capacity. Enough to tame those loads and turn an already capable hauling beast into something you can ride further and faster with ease.

    You can remove the battery in seconds - just one plug, so you can carry the battery inside at work or home just like you would a normal drink bottle. A large LCD screen keeps you updated with speed, battery charge and you can select 1-3 levels of pedal assist from a simple control operated by your thumb.

    Available at Cargocycles HQ for test rides now. If you are buying a new Boda Boda V3 the 6.2ah unit adds $1199 to the cost so it is pretty good value too. (+$200 for the larger battery).

    Call us to discuss or drop in to see and ride this bike. Bring the kids!

  • [SOLD] Zeitbikes Longhaul ex demo $1250

    For sale is our black shop demo Longhaul. A few scratches from being wheeled in and out of the shop every day but in good condition. Includes rain hood, two seats and chain lock.

    Melbourne shop pickup only. Fully serviced and ready to ride away.

    IMG_20150718_132019Black Longhaul Ex Demo

  • [SOLD] Mundo V4 - $1000.00 - in store sale [SOLD]



    • Naked V-Brake Mundo
    • Side Stand and Deflopilator
    • 7 spd only
    • No accessories (but of course we can add them!)


    Available for pick up at our Collingwood store - 03 9942 3450 - 284 Wellington St, Collingwood.

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